Saigon Rooftop View a la Proust

I saw the most startling thing not long ago. Not long ago I saw a view of Saigon for the first time. Now this was not the Saigon I used to know when she was a callow girl from a far-away province on the far side of the world. No. I saw the new Saigon, and I saw her with new eyes. I saw the ultra-modern, international lady who still wears the Ao Dai and limpet hat of her past. I saw Saigon for the second first time from the same kind of vantage point... Read More

A Room with a View

Saigon has always been a place of rooftop bars, and restaurants in high places. Of course “high” is a relative term. From 1959 to the early 1990s the old wing of the Caravelle Hotel was the tallest building in town, at just ten stories high! In the 1960s its rooftop bar was famous among foreign journalists who joked that at that height they could cover the entire American war without leaving their barstools. The top floor of the Rex Hotel has... Read More