Good Taters – Still in Saigon: Again

The south facing balcony is my favorite feature of Apartment 608 here on “No Tattoo Street” in HCMC, Vietnam. It’s at the perfect height to observe both street life below, and such things as new year’s fireworks above. And it provides me a front row seat for the “fireworks” of the magnificent lightening and thunder shows of the rainy season, now underway. When that starts, I drop whatever I’m doing, pour a glass of wine and... Read More

The Richest Gift: April 30, 1975 Redux

I was still quite a young GI, but I had had a full combat tour in Vietnam, and that was more than enough, when in the Spring of 1975 I was sent back in as a member of the expeditionary force tasked with extracting the South Vietnamese government, their dependents, and many thousands of fleeing civilians. All was disorder on April 30, and our efforts were reduced to ad lib and impromptu, and I just didn’t want to be the last to die in a useless war.... Read More