Sevilla, Seductress of Andalucia, Spain

It is 9:00 PM and I can sense that the seductress, Sevilla, seductress of Andalucia,is about to rouse herself. Soon clutches of young women, dressed in thin cotton frocks, all of them mirroring the soul of Carmen, gather on street corners in the Barrio Trianna on the right bank of the Rio Guadalquivir. In twos, threes and fours they begin the evening’s “paseo,” a slow promenade down the street to the centre of town, singing and clapping out... Read More

New World & Spain

When we think of Spain it’s always bullfights and guitars, Gypsy dancers, romantic men on horseback, Don Quixote. And the vibrant Spanish cuisine! With its iconic ingredients such as fat sweet tomatoes, vividly red sweet peppers and paprika, thickly brewed hot chocolate, snowy potatoes and creamy avocadoes. Without these and a long list of other foods the Spanish kitchen would be bereft. And yet before the voyages of Columbus they were all unknown... Read More