All at Sea – A Tale of Shipboard Romance?

A Tale of Shipboard Romance?   She had one of those names that are so common in the Philippines, like Lucy or Linda. Maybe it was Dinah. I can’t remember. I met her on the Manila waterfront. True to what I had been told, she did look a bit of a tramp, and an older one at that. You might even have called her mannish for her shape. But she was a she to the core, as any good steamship is, and which I found when I boarded her. I’ll speak... Read More

The Looking Glass Sea – A Rescue

A Rescue Most Ironic On the light cruiser USS Oklahoma City, we were crossing the Java Sea. We were bound south for Jakarta that morning. The equatorial waters were so warm and still that we seemed to be on some quiet pond rather than the furthest reaches of the Pacific. Only our ship disturbed the glassy water. In the distance, clouds rose and formed, and metamorphosed and puffed and spread with startling rapidity. They were mottled with pink and... Read More

The Dragon and Me: How I Quit Smoking and Survived The Bomb

AT SEA, TUESDAY, 20:00 HOURS: Smoking a last cigarette before turning in I called the Messenger of the Watch on the bridge. “This is Petty Officer Sterling,” I said, “in compartment Bravo-37-87. I need a wake-up call at 03:30 tomorrow morning.” “Why so early?” the messenger asked. “You got some early lookout?” “Yes,”I lied. Then I called Corporal Durum of the ship’s Marine Corps detachment.... Read More