Baja California Murderer’s Eggs

Baja California After leaving the paved road I had some trouble locating the arroyo. It was dusk and the features of the land were all beginning to look the same in the Baja California desert. I made rapid drives up two or three openings in the terrain only to encounter rock walls. Finally, in the last of the light, I recognized a distinctive portion of the skyline of jagged hills up ahead that could lead us through the arroyo and into a valley.... Read More

San Francisco Noir: Wandering the City’s Night

Aunt Charlie’s Around the glitzy tourist hotels and fancy eateries of downtown San Francisco the Tenderloin district wraps itself. This smarmy sea laps up against the shores and flows into the bays and inlets of the central city wherever high priced real estate is lacking. Its currents run round the islands of prosperity and its waves slam smack into the breakwaters of Hilton and Renaissance. From the towers of those two hotels you can... Read More

On The Origin Of Species: The Tuxedo

It is the most enduring garment of the modern age: the classic black and white, the civilian man’s version of the full dress uniform. It’s the original power suit. And it is what a man wears when he wants to look and feel his personal best. As Dean Martin said, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star.” The tuxedo is the sartorial masterstroke of Griswold P. Lorillard, habitue’ of the Tuxedo Park Country Club, of Tuxedo Park, NY. In 1886... Read More