Baja California Murderer’s Eggs

Baja California After leaving the paved road I had some trouble locating the arroyo. It was dusk and the features of the land were all beginning to look the same in the Baja California desert. I made rapid drives up two or three openings in the terrain only to encounter rock walls. Finally, in the last of the light, I recognized a distinctive portion of the skyline of jagged hills up ahead that could lead us through the arroyo and into a valley.... Read More

Baja California’s Ancient Warrior

The Sierra de San Fransisco rises almost straight up from the desert floor of Baja California, climbing for a mile.  No rolling foothills presage its existence.  It lunges up like skyscrapers, stabbing at the air with its crooked towers, snatching at clouds with its twisted peaks.  Here and there high mesas contrast with the crags.  The mesas fall away into great slashes of canyons, as deep as the mountains are tall.  From the distance, the mountain... Read More

Tequila – The Great Montezuma

Bernal Diaz, The Conquistador, rode with Cortez from the very start of his conquests. He knew the Generalissimo and his beautiful Mayan interpreter, advisor and mistress:Dona Marina. He knew the near erotic thrill and the soul shaking horror of Cortez’s great enterprise. He knew and admired the man he referred to as “the great Montezuma.” And I think he drank tequila with his cocoa. Diaz was a close observer. He noted well both the grand... Read More

New World & Spain

When we think of Spain it’s always bullfights and guitars, Gypsy dancers, romantic men on horseback, Don Quixote. And the vibrant Spanish cuisine! With its iconic ingredients such as fat sweet tomatoes, vividly red sweet peppers and paprika, thickly brewed hot chocolate, snowy potatoes and creamy avocadoes. Without these and a long list of other foods the Spanish kitchen would be bereft. And yet before the voyages of Columbus they were all unknown... Read More