Rum Agricole: Negrita in Old Saigon

Negrita Rum in old Saigon More than half a century ago, some time in the 1950s, a small triangle of vacant land lay at the confluence of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Cu Trinh Streets. Its address today is 148 Tran Hung Dao, on the way west to Cho Lon (the Chinese district). Some time back in those olden days, I don’t know exactly when, it might even have been in the waning days of French rule, a billboard size advertisement was painted on the eastern... Read More

Expat Diary | Living in Saigon Side Streets

Saigon Diary: Living in the Side Streets of Saigon by Richard Sterling Tales of Pagoda Alley: News from Mr. Hat’s Neighborhood   Saigon Diary entry 1   Tales of Pagoda Alley: As Neil Diamond sings, “Palm trees grow, rents are low and the feeling is layback.” It ‘s been raining daily, but it’s that gentle tropical rain that lasts a short time and then stops in time to walk to the bar without getting too wet. All in all... Read More

San Francisco Noir: Wandering the City’s Night

Aunt Charlie’s Around the glitzy tourist hotels and fancy eateries of downtown San Francisco the Tenderloin district wraps itself. This smarmy sea laps up against the shores and flows into the bays and inlets of the central city wherever high priced real estate is lacking. Its currents run round the islands of prosperity and its waves slam smack into the breakwaters of Hilton and Renaissance. From the towers of those two hotels you can... Read More