Sterling Nonfiction Books

Sterling’s writing is like spitfire, foursquare and jazzy with crackle, and his behavior is just scary enough to make you glad you’re not approaching a touchy border crossing in his company. —  Kirkus Reviews   You can see reviews of one book at the bottom of this page. If you would like to see all books written by me, and reviews, just click here and check Good Reads BOOK REVIEW The... Read More

Tusker Beer | Jambo! Crossing the Great Divide in Africa.

I didn’t know it would turn into a Tusker beer story. It was my first trip to Africa and I had stepped into a neighborhood bar in Nairobi, Kenya; the kind of place ordinary guys stop in on their way home from work, or use as a respite from normal cares. You know: an African “Cheers” kind of joint. The place was crowded with regulars so I gingerly shouldered my way to the bar. “Jambo!” the barman said, giving me the national... Read More

Chicken Feet – Finger Licking in Laos

I hopped on the ordinary train from Bangkok to the end of the line at Nong Kai. But that was not my destination. I was heading to the place that’s after the end of the line, in more ways than one. To cross the Mekong River from Thailand into Laos is to cross time and consciousness more than space. Crammed into the middle of the Indochina peninsula, it is a place the world passes by. Though the geography is vastly different–rainforest and... Read More

Cairo Bizarre

CRUISING CAIRO On every other street corner a medieval Arab squats, almost obliviously, on the sidewalk as the late 20th century rushes by. Men both in suits and off-white robes stop their business, set all aside and face Mecca to pray. Most of the city is the color of the desert over which it spreads out: a dusty tan. Brighter, lively color is in the interstices, the nooks and crannies, the twists and turns of the great city’s guts. There the... Read More