The Richest Gift: April 30, 1975 Redux

I was still quite a young GI, but I had had a full combat tour in Vietnam, and that was more than enough, when in the Spring of 1975 I was sent back in as a member of the expeditionary force tasked with extracting the South Vietnamese government, their dependents, and many thousands of fleeing civilians. All was disorder on April 30, and our efforts were reduced to ad lib and impromptu, and I just didn’t want to be the last to die in a useless war.... Read More

Dinner at the Fall of Saigon – April, 1975

They were hungry at the Fall of Saigon At the mouth of the Soirap river I stood on the fore deck and watched the sun come up on the last day of the long conflict the Vietnamese have come to call “the American War.” It was to be the Fall of Saigon. It was the most beautiful dawn I had ever seen before, or since. Still air hung warm and moist and soft. A thick, creamy quilt of cloud lay along the coast and the rising sun painted it red,... Read More