School Days

Okay, so many of you have said that you want to know EXACTLY what it is I do these days in Saigon. Well, in addition to writing my monthly column for Asia Life magazine, and contributions to publications like Travelers’ Tales, I work for a small private business school that teaches all its classes in English. Half of our students are slated for work in the hospitality industry... Read More

Expat Diary | Living in Saigon Side Streets

Saigon Diary: Living in the Side Streets of Saigon by Richard Sterling Tales of Pagoda Alley: News from Mr. Hat’s Neighborhood   Saigon Diary entry 1   Tales of Pagoda Alley: As Neil Diamond sings, “Palm trees grow, rents are low and the feeling is layback.” It ‘s been raining daily, but it’s that gentle tropical rain that lasts a short time and then... Read More