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AsiaLife Magazine Cook-Off

The first annual AsiaLife cook-off in Saigon.  Read More

An Tet Viet TV Show

The annual Tet cultural-show-with-foreign-guests, broadcast from Hanoi. I appear with the Irish ambassador, a Japanese laquer artist, a Viet Kieu adventurer and a Korean musical couple. There is Vietnamese voice-over, but you can still hear the English. My main contribution starts at about minute 40. Though if you want to see me sing (shudder), watch the begining.  Read More

Splendid Table Interview

My part begins at minute 20. 000513_splendidtable_28_64  Read More

My Most Recent Book  Read More

TV Interview4

National cuisine as a window on the national soul.  Read More

TV Interview3

A pretty good book  Read More

TV Interview1

To see this TV interview go to: Then scroll down to mid screen where you see a horizontal row of blue buttons that say Vietnam in Focus. Scroll to the right and then click on “Talk show about Vietnam’s street food.”  Read More

A guest on Globe Trekker with Megan McCormick

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The Richest Gift

The Richest Gift   I was still quite a young GI, but I had had a full combat tour in Vietnam, and that was more than enough, when in April of 1975 I was sent back in as a member of the expeditionary force tasked with extracting the South Vietnamese government, their dependents, and many thousands of fleeing civilians. All was disorder, and our efforts were reduced to ad lib... Read More